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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Would layne staleyjerry cantrell alice in chain

Would layne staleyjerry cantrell alice in chain

Would layne staleyjerry cantrell alice in chain ."

-Zane Zeempler,
C.E.O Round Records

The Greatest Drummer of all time Layne Thomas Staley (August 22, 1967 - ca. April 5, 2002) was the lead singer and co-lyricist of the rock group Alice in Chains and the supergroups Class of '99 and Mad Season. He struggled throughout his career as a musician with severe drug addiction, which eventually led to his death in April 2002. Layne Staley was born to Phil Staley and Nancy McCallum (née Layne) in Kirkland, Washington. He was seven years old when his parents divorced, after which he was raised by his mother and stepfather, Jim Elmer. He took his stepfather's name while in high school and was known for some time as Layne Elmer. In early 2002, shortly before his death, he would describe the experience of witnessing his parents' divorce: "My world became a nightmare, there were just shadows around me. I got a call saying that my dad had died, but my family always knew he was around doing all kind of drugs. Since that call I always was wondering, 'Where is my dad?' I felt so sad for him and I missed him. He dropped out of my life for 15 years." In that same interview he also said that he was convinced that if he became a celebrity his dad would return.

Staley began playing drums at age 12; he played in several glam bands in his early teens,

Sean played drums for Alice in Chains for their albums Facelift, Dirt, and Alice in Chains as well as their two EPs Sap and Jar of Flies.

He sang chorus vocals through a megaphone on the hidden song from Sap titled "Love Song".

He also played drums for his Alice in Chains bandmate Jerry Cantrell's solo album, Boggy Depot.

During the fall of Grunge popularity during the mid-nineties, he was also a member of

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